Eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent

Unlike the more traditional method of tattooing on the shape of the brows, embroidery fades in about 6-8 months, depending on the rate of one’s skin-shedding. Pigment is embroidered onto only the epidermis layer of the skin, or in other words, the topmost layer. The pigment sheds along with dead skin cells over time, with the average time being about 6 months before it fades completely. That’s why you’ll need to come back for touch up.


Your brows will be shaped to suit your face, not by the specialist’s fancy

There is no one brow design that works for different faces. To get the best ideal brows to suit yours, everything else on your face fro the size of your eyes to the length of your nose, the pointiness of your chin and width of your forehead is taken into consideration by our specialist before it is embroidered. At L'AMI Permanent Makeup, a detailed consultation of your face is done before your eyebrows are designed to ensure they best complement your face shape. We will first draw the new shape in in pencil for the client to see then if she is satisfied then do we proceed to the embroidering.

You can control the darkness of your resultant new brows

Also unlike tattooing, embroidery of the brows is done in multiple layers, the more layers resulting in richer and darker colours. The first layer goes on almost non-existent, providing only a rough outline that the subsequent layers will use as a stencil. Usually about 4 layers go into creating the average embroidered eyebrow of regular intensity and starkness. Should clients feel like they would like it darker, a couple more layers can be added until they are satisfied.  If we know our customers are from abroad and won’t be able to return anytime soon, we would encourage them to do their eyebrows a little darker.

There is no bleeding involved whatsoever

Done the right way, eyebrow embroidering should result in not a single drop of blood being drawn.  Clear fluid called plasma might surface when the colour pigment is being embedded into the skin using a micropen but never blood. The sight of blood is the sign that the embroidery needle has gone in too deep and pierced the second dermis layer. Moreover, bleeding results in scabbing and when a scab falls off, a big chunk of colour pigment goes with it so what you get are irregular and patchy brows. Once the skin starts bleeding, the color isn’t going to stay so the good eyebrow embroidery places will do it in a way where there is no bleeding.

On top of that, a numbing topical cream is applied to the area to be embroidered so there is minimal discomfort during the procedure. Some of our customers even doze off when getting their brows done.

You can lighten the appearance of your new brows by scrubbing

In the unlikely event that you find your new brows too dark for your liking, you can accelerate the lightening process by using a gentle facial scrub. The scrub will lift dead skin cells and along with it, colour pigments embroidered inside, so less colour is left on. To avoid that, we embroider the layers based on the preference of the customer so he or she decides how dark it gets.


The full brow is not embroidered in
After an embroidery session, one would notice that there are lines that have been left empty. This is to give the impression of ultra fine hair strokes, simulating the look of real hair. Where necessary it’ll be combined with soft shading for the most natural-looking results. The proper way to embroider eyebrows on is to use a softstroke technique, much like that of an artist painting with watercolour. Resultantly, one will not see a solid stroke of eyebrows. Instead fine empty lines intersperse the stroke of colour to fake the look of thicker brows.

Embroidered brows can last up to 2 years

with the full course of treatments and proper care

Regular touch ups and proper care (that means, no picking and scratching at the area immediately after treatment!) can help lengthen the lifespan of your brows so you’ll need to go in to the salon less for touch ups. Whenever possible, apply sunblock to keep UV rays from unnecessarily fading out your brows. Most of all, keep the area well moisturised so no flaking occurs that could potentially lose you a lot of precious colour pigments. 


“Amazing artist!! I had a botched eyebrow job. I thought, no way could anyone fix this. I am so happy I found this place... I go here for my eyebrows, my permanent eyeliner, top & bottom, I recommend this place to everyone! ! You will NOT be disappointed you spent that money on your face! They will make you beautiful."

-Anna Dugal


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