Is a perfect solution for a stay-on eyebrow, eyeliner or lip enhancement. Your eyes will always look like you just have fresh put on without any smudges. 3D & 6D nano Microblading may last up to 12-16 months depend on your skin type.

Eyeliners and lips will last you up to 2-3 years depending on the thickness of it .

You can save a lot of time in the morning, making your own makeup routine easier and quicker.

Eyeliners such as tight-liner can make the eyelashes appear thicker and denser.




































Gratuities are not included in the value of the services. Generally, the appropriate range is 15-20% of the price of the service for your specialist.



CORRECTIVE WORK: Fixing another spa/studio’s mistake.



It does matter where you go. When you consider the cost of daily makeup in terms of time and expense, many realize that permanent makeup can actually save you time and money.  There is a one time expense, and of course for this you want to choose

the best not the cheapest, but then you have a lifetime of satisfaction from the benefits, and nothing further is involved other than an occational color refresher for fading over the years.

Don’t compromise your look for price, or you may end up paying additional for corrective work or laser removal!


Please Note: It is considered new if you need a touch up on someone else's work.

Touch up work is most always necessary to perfect the original application and maintain pigment to last longer.

3D & 6D Korean Nano Embroidery is considered Semi-Permanent makeup. They are not traditional tattoo.



*Prices are subject to change without any notice.


​​​Our Special 

*for cash payments only

Cannot be combined with any other promotions

This promotion is for 6D eyebrows only

We accept cash & all major credit cards. We do not accept checks.

*Prices are subject to change without any notice.

*Please Note:

If you have previous Permanent Makeup done, you must email us clear photos for an evaluation or schedule a consultation before booking an appointment.


For your convenience, Consultation is by appointment only. There is a $20 fee for 10-15 minutes consultation or request for a throughout and more in-depth consultation with our Specialist for $30 fee for 30 minutes session. Must book and make payment in advance. We apologize , we do NOT accept walk-ins. Thank you


Our Guarantee

Your follow-up visit is important to us.  We are not satisfied until the initial goal is the final result. One follow-up visit is complimentary.  Professional before and after photographs of you will be taken on site for our records. You will be amazed at what semi-permanent cosmetic make-up will do for you! 



Because our skin is constantly exfoliating, Semi-Permanent Make-up requires touching up to keep it looking it's best. Usually a second application is needed at 8-14 weeks is considered a touch up. Skin is pliable. Because it moves, swells and molds during application. Therefore any adjustments to shape or color may be necessary to achieve best results. Over time you will need additional touch up work. If your color is faded, or is changing, you need to schedule an appointment. Everyone's skin holds color differently due to many factors. For semi-permanent makeup most women touch up their make-up after 1 year for maintenance.


  • Initial Procedures include a free follow-up appointment between 8-14 weeks to fine tune the shading after pigments have had a chance to settle..

  • Any Re-touch after 2 years is considered as a new procedure.



3D & 6D Eyebrows Microblading are Semi-Permanent makeup & can last up to 1 year or more. Depends on the person's skin type and lifestyle. Recommend a Re-touch after first year.

Pricing for touch-up and re-touch please click here



How long you can go between touch ups depends upon several factors, including:

  • Skin type, Lifestyle

  • How natural the initial look was. The finer and more natural the individual hair strokes, the more crisp you'll want to keep them

  • Amount of sun exposure

  • Use of anti-aging, expoliants, skin peels, BHA/AHA products and treatments

  • The shade of pigments used


Please Note: It is considered new if you need a touch up on someone else's work.



“Amazing artist!! I had a botched eyebrow job. I thought, no way could anyone fix this. I am so happy I found this place... I go here for my eyebrows, my permanent eyeliner, top & bottom, I recommend this place to everyone! ! You will NOT be disappointed you spent that money on your face! They will make you beautiful."

-Anna Dugal


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